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"Nazarene World Missionary Society"

N.W.M.S. Council Members

N.W.M.S. President: Sharon Bellomy (the best apple dumpling maker in the world)

Mission Statement N.W.M.S. is a ministry arm of the Manteno Church of the Nazarene that has a goal of meeting the unique needs of World Wide Missions. In an attempt to reach that goal, host an annual Faith Promise Sunday to raise funds for missions.

The events and programs of N.W.M.S. are prayerfully planned. You are invited to participate in all or part of the events. Although N.W.M.S. is not just a women's minstry....tradionally the ladies of our church had headed it up...and have done such a marvelous job!... that no male figure has dared to try and take it over.

We are most definately a Mission Minded Church. Each year our Mission giving keeps on reaching new heights.


Manteno Church of the Nazarene

P.O.Box 698

Manteno, IL. 60950